Financial Contract 2020-21

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    • All families are enrolled in FACTS Tuition Management upon enrollment. Families must contact FACTS to establish the method of tuition payment (autodraft or credit card). Monthly tuition is due the 1st of each month. For the 12-month
      st st plan, payments are due June 1 through May 1.

    • FACTS charges a $50 fee for enrollment in the monthly pay plan. If you choose to pay the entire year in advance or in two semester payments, there is no FACTS fee.

    • There will be a $40 follow-up fee should your payment to FACTS arrive late or be returned for insufficient funds.

    • A student may be refused continued enrollment if the unpaid account balance is over two months behind or one month
      behind in April or May.

    • Student report cards will be held if more than $20 total is owed to the school during the first three quarters. Report cards will be held for any amount due at the end of the year.

    • The enrollment fee is non-refundable.

    • An active St. Philip Neri parishioner is defined as one who is registered in the parish, attends Mass at St. Philip Neri on
      Sundays and Holy Days, and contributes financially to the parish using the weekly offering envelopes.

    • For St. Philip Neri parishioners, the pastor will periodically review parish records to verify continued active participation. For members of another Catholic parish, verification of active participation will be asked of your pastor.

    • When an attendance check is conducted by the pastor and the requirements for the active parishioner rate are not being met, the tuition rate for the remainder of the current school year will be changed to the All Others rate. The principal will notify the family of the new rate and its effective date.

    • If receiving financial assistance and the tuition category is changed to the All Others rate for failing to meet the requirements, any tuition assistance is revoked.

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    The campus will be closed through Wednesday, February 17. Virtual/distance learning will be in place beginning 2/16/21.

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