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OU/OSU shirt day

December 2, 2016

We really want to encourage the children to be charitable in the St. Vincent de Paul food drive. This Friday was scheduled as a no-infraction uniform reward day. In honor of Bedlam this Saturday, I am postponing the reward day to Friday, December 9.  This Friday (December 2) children who bring 2 cans of food or $2 may wear an OU or OSU shirt.  This is not a free dress day, and this is not a jeans day.  This is just a OU/OSU shirt day.  If your child does not have a shirt with a logo, s/he may wear the appropriate school colors of OU or OSU.  To make the competition a little more exciting, we will keep track of OU/OSU donations.  If OU wins, Mrs. Outhier (SPN’s most rabid OSU fan) and Ms. Shea (SPN’s 2nd most rabid OSU fan) will wear an OU jersey on Friday, December 9 (the no infraction day).  If OSU wins, Mrs. Hawkins (SPN’s most rabid  OU fan) and Mrs. Schmidlkofer (SPN’s 2nd most rabid OU fan) will wear an OSU jersey on no infraction day.


December 2, 2016

The campus will be closed through Wednesday, February 17. Virtual/distance learning will be in place beginning 2/16/21.

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