St. Philip Neri Catholic School implemented a new 1-1 Technology Initiative distributing Chromebooks to all middle school students to enhance learning in all curriculum areas.


The 1 to 1 Tech Initiative was a priority to Principal Brenda Tener entering the school year, “The Chromebooks allow students to work effectively and enthusiastically with various computer and communications technologies. We believe the use of educational technology delivers curriculum transparently while engaging the pupil with critical thinking and problem solving skills.”Chromebook Charging Station


All Chromebooks were secured through multiple grants, donations and fundraisers. Additionally, this drive was accomplished without increasing tuition or applying any extra charge to the school families. Google Classroom is utilized on each tablet allowing the student to see all assignments and calendars related to schoolwork.

Eighth Grade Teacher, Mrs. Monica Schmidlkofer was a champion of the technology campaign stating, “This new program will allow students to work at their level and at their pace. Whether they are a fast or slow reader, everyone will be able to read great novels without the pressure of keeping up with others in the classroom. At the same time, it allows those advanced readers to excel and succeed.”

Josef Homola, a middle school student, stated, “Now that we have the Chromebooks we don’t have to print every single paper in math, and we don’t have to wait in line to get on a computer in the lab.”

Students have been assigned their individual Chromebooks and are responsible for their upkeep the entire year. “Students will be given a new responsibility which enhances their learning in all curriculum areas.” Tener stated. “Computers are a valuable tool to education and we just raised the bar in our school.”

The campus will be closed through Wednesday, February 17. Virtual/distance learning will be in place beginning 2/16/21.

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