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Our School. Our Family. Our Community.

We take great pride in seeing our students develop into fine Christians and a part of the Catholic community of faith. We look forward to continued support from our Catholic community and our parents, teachers and students. Working together for children has made our school successful. Our school serves approximately 30% non-Catholic students with 70% of Catholic students coming from the parishes of St. Philip Neri, Midwest City; St. Andrew, Moore; St Paul the Apostle, Del City; and St. Teresa, Harrah.

Our Mission & Vision

To create a legacy of academic excellence, foster the whole child, and make disciples.

St. Philip Neri Catholic School promotes charity, humility, and excellence through a Christ-centered education.

A Word

From Our Principal

God and our Catholic faith are an integral part of our daily activities and lessons here at St. Philip Neri. This is a school with committed teachers, strong academics, integrated technology, and Catholic values. I would like to invite anyone interested in our exceptional school to explore our website to find out more about us or call us at 405-737-4496.

– Brenda Tener


Our Upcoming Curricular Events & Activities

Our School

Charity, Humility, & Excellence

St. Philip Neri Catholic School places a strong emphasis on the social and emotional well-being of students, teaching fundamental skills necessary for wellbeing and life effectiveness. These skills improve the quality of learning and life of young people and the communities in which they learn and grow.

Growing In Faith

We take great pride in helping our students develop into devoted Christians and active members of the Catholic community of faith.  For our students and staff, prayer and faith are an integral part of every school day as we follow God’s guidance in the conduct of our daily lives.

Growing In Service

Service is one of our primary missions, be it service to others or service to God.  Our students are taught to look outside of themselves with compassion and generosity toward others.  Students lead community outreach projects that benefit programs like the parish food pantry and Mercy Hospital’s Neo-Natal Intensive Care Unit.

Growing In Mind

The teachings and traditions of the Catholic Church and the values of Christian living permeate the school day. This high priority is expressed through worship, prayer, religious education classes, and the general climate of the school.  St. Philip Neri Catholic School offers a balanced academic curriculum that includes the following subjects: religion and liturgy, science, art, music, language arts, math, social studies, Spanish, and physical education. 

Students also have opportunities to extend the challenge of the curriculum by participating in academic competitions such as the science fair, the Archdiocesan spelling bee, art contests, essay contests, National History Day, and Future City.

Growing In Body

We offer a wide variety of athletic and sporting options for our students, including co-ed soccer, girls’ volleyball, and boys’ and girls’ basketball.  More than just physical exercise, our athletic programs are designed to foster an enjoyment of sport competition.  We also instill in our students a spirit of sportsmanship and fair play.  Middle school boys have the opportunity to play football and baseball in a league against other private and public schools.



Our News & Announcements

Keep informed about the activities and events of our school with our school newsletters and announcements. 

Mrs. Tener’s Newsletter February 17th, 2021

Dear All,
My apologies for such a short notice today regarding the pivot to a snow day. I felt it was our responsibility to help conserve energy. I’m sure your children were not disappointed! I am concerned that our text system did not work. I never received the text myself. And I know that several teachers did not receive it either. I am sure it is tied to the weather or electricity somewhere.

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Mrs. Tener’s Newsletter February 12th, 2021

Dear All,
Congratulations to our second graders who received the Sacrament of Reconciliation for the first time yesterday. We are so happy for you.
Valentine party day is always exciting and fun. Monday is the Archdiocesan teacher’s in-service. Our faculty will be in a Zoom meeting most of the day on Monday. I am not sure what Tuesday holds but if it is even half of what the weathermen are saying, we will be off campus for several days.

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Mrs. Tener’s Newsletter February 3rd, 2021

Dear All,
The students seem to be enjoying our modified Catholic Schools Week celebration. Tomorrow is dress uniform. Friday is the day to wear flannel. While kindergarten and preschool have permission to wear pajamas, the older students are only wearing an item of flannel. We do not want 1st- 8th grade in full pajamas. They can wear flannel pants with a sweatshirt or t-shirt. They can wear a flannel shirt with jeans. The stewardship drive for Willow Pregnancy Center (formerly Birthchoice) is going well.

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The campus will be closed through Wednesday, February 17. Virtual/distance learning will be in place beginning 2/16/21.

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