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Mrs. TenerI am so glad you are visiting the St. Philip Neri Catholic School website. 

I am proud to be a member of the Class of 1971. I know that I am blessed to have St. Philip Neri as a touchstone in my life. I have taken a circuitous route to return as the principal of St. Philip Neri. Many people have asked me since returning if I knew some day I would come back as the principal. I answer with a resounding, “No.” But, I did know from a very early age that I would always be connected to Catholic education somehow. And so, here I am.

God and our Catholic faith are an integral part of our daily activities and lessons here at St. Philip Neri. This is a school with committed teachers, strong academics, integrated technology, and Catholic values. I would like to invite anyone interested in our exceptional school to explore our website to find out more about us. Better yet, call us at 405-737-4496 or email me at btener@spnok.org for a visit.

Mrs. Tener


MoscoviaSt. Philip Neri Catholic School received first place in a Regional Contest at the Future City Competition hosted Saturday at Oklahoma Christian University.

The Future City Competition is a national, project-based learning experience where students in 6th, 7th and 8th grade imagine, design and build cities of the future. St. Philip Neri created
“Moscovia”, a city 55 years in the future with effective solid waste management focused on recycling and energy. Eighth grader and presenter of the project Josef Homola explains, “Our
model processes solid waste and converts it to clean energy.”

Sixth Grade Teacher, Mrs. Sue Hawkins entered the School into the competition over a decade ago, “We simply needed to challenge our middle school students. They had completed algebra
and needed an elective which focused and highlighted their mathematical strengths. The Future City Competition was a perfect fit.”

Catholic Schools Week - Open House

Catholic Schools Week Open HouseSt. Philip Neri Open House

Sunday, January 31st 12:15pm to 1:30pm


Chromebooks Distributed to Middle School Students

St. Philip Neri Catholic School implemented a new 1-1 Technology Initiative distributing Chromebooks to all middle school students to enhance learning in all curriculum areas.


The 1 to 1 Tech Initiative was a priority to Principal Brenda Tener entering the school year, “The Chromebooks allow students to work effectively and enthusiastically with various computer and communications technologies. We believe the use of educational technology delivers curriculum transparently while engaging the pupil with critical thinking and problem solving skills.” Chromebook Charging Station


All Chromebooks were secured through multiple grants, donations and fundraisers. Additionally, this drive was accomplished without increasing tuition or applying any extra charge to the school families. Google Classroom is utilized on each tablet allowing the student to see all assignments and calendars related to schoolwork. 


Safe Environment Training

All employees and volunteers of the parish/school who are involved with children, youths, and vulnerable adults must have safe environment training. If you need safe environment training, please contact:

Lorna Bohn
405-737-4476 ext. 103

Ensuring a safe enviroment for children and young people is a continuous effort. The Archdiocese pledges to continue its efforts and work toward itentifying areas where we can be more effective.